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  Privacy and Legal Information

Privacy and Legal Information

Terms and Conditions for Access to GEROS S.R.L. web site

1. Intellectual Property
All contents (text and graphics) present in this site belong to GEROS S.R.L..
These materials may not be copied or reproduced. However, it is permitted to print complete format entire Web Pages for personal use. Notwithstanding as set previously, GEROS S.R.L. may exceptionally allow the download of wallpapers, screen saver and other utilities from the site in the reference area.

2. Links Site
If you want to create a link to the site, it must link to Geros homepage with request of written permission to: info@geros.it

3. Accuracy of Information
The information contained in this site are addressed to all users in Italy and in other jurisdictions / markets in the world. GEROS S.R.L. will use every reasonable means to ensure that contents on this site is accurate and updated. However, we reserve the right to change specifications of products at any time. What is reported in the site does not prevail and GEROS S.R.L. excludes any liability in this regard.

4. Data Protection
GEROS S.R.L. respects the confidentiality of the data of every individual who visits the site and strictly adheres to the laws on data protection in force in the countries in which it operates commercially. This clause describes our policy regarding the collection, use and store of personal data.

4a. Personal data
In order to accept your request for information through this site, it is necessary the collection of your personal information protected from global protection laws. GEROS S.R.L. agrees to comply with all the laws about it. All necessary procedures have been put in place to ensure the detection of all the obligations arising from specific laws of each country and the EU Directives in respect of the Protection of Personal Data. If you do not wish your personal data is stored in our database, please contact us at our address GEROS SRL VIA S. CUORE, 54 36027 ROSA or info@geros.it.

4b. Information automatic collection that do not identify the person.
 In some cases, it is possible the automatic collection of information about you, but of generic nature and that they do not identify you personally. Examples of this type of information include the type of internet browser you use, the operating system of your computer, and the domain name of the web site or advertisement that linked you to our site.

4c. Information to be included on the hard drive of your computer.
Visiting the site, and after your permission, we may store some information on your computer. These information, in the form of  "Cookies" or similar files,  have the task to enable a better service. Please refer to your Browser instructions or help section for more information about these functions.

4d. Who to contact
If you have previously submitted Personal Data through the Site and would like that information are deleted from our records and database, please contact us at our e-mail address: info@geros.it
Every reasonable means will be used to delete such information from our files and confirm the successful cancellation of the same.

5. Terms and conditions of download from the site www.geros.it owned by GEROS S.R.L..
It grants you a non-exclusive license for the use of the material you are about to download (hereinafter named "Materials") always subject to the following conditions. The materials are the intellectual property of GEROS S.R.L. You are not allowed to sub-license, assign, transfer or sell the Materials or the rights granted hereunder. The Materials are provided "as they are”. GEROS S.R.L. excludes any liability for the guarantees relating to the Materials. GEROS S.R.L. excludes any liability arising from the use of Materials.

6. Violations
Any breach or manumission at this site will be reported to the authorities in charge of each country

7. Laws and Jurisdiction
This site was created, and is managed according to Italian laws. Jurisdiction is Bassano Del Grappa (Vi), Italy.