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April 19, 2019 >>> : Company

We are a company mainly focused on people with a setting on the constant innovation and on a global approach to the market responding to the expectations and needs of the final user.The goal is always turned to the search for innovative and customized solutions by sharing information and ideas with our business partners.

Value that lasts

GEROS products create added value for our customers and for the company itself. Our constant commitment is aimed at commercial success and, through this target, to the persistent growth of our company. We are cost-conscious, we optimally use the available resources and avoid waste.

Customer orientation

The needs of our customers are the targets to follow, and therefore the focus of our actions Their trust is important to us and is acquired through knowledge and experience. Our strengths are a high standard of flexibility and quality. Our success is measured by the satisfaction of our customers for our products and through the relationship of mutual respect gained through years of cooperation.

Centrality of employees

We support our employees through the development of professional skills and creating a safe working environment and atmosphere. With the esteem for them we create an environment of mutual respect and friendship that allows us to consider them a whole part of our family.

Believe in innovation

We promote innovation at every level. We invest large resources to continuous innovation of our company process. We incorporate the innovative spirit in order to secure the future of our company and to satisfy the needs of our partners.


Quality is our working philosophy and try to live it constantly every day.

To achieve the highest quality we provide all the means needed to that.

Environmental awareness

Through constant sensitiveness, we respect our environment and we keep it for our future generations.

We use resources in the proper way, we adhere to the laws, we reduce pollution emissions and we increase security.

Being GEROS always been attentive to environmental issues, part of the energy used in its factory is supplied by a photovoltaic system recently installed.